I’ve been working on a new systems programming language called Stop. The project goal is to develop a way to express software systems without thinking in terms of specific implementation languages.

There is a good rundown of the language at https...

New Daily Template

Today I started my daily outline with a new template. I want to start declaring what I’d like to accomplish each day and additionally what I’d like to do for someone else.

For example:

What I want to accomplish
    Work 8 hours
        Client A

More Python than Ruby

I’m now writing more Python than Ruby code. After 13 years of preferring Ruby as my go to scripting language I’ve come around to liking Python more and more.

Python has become the first choice for server side client work recently. We are mostly...


I want to narrate my work again and write longer form content.

I’ve deleted my Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Facebook remains to not upset people. I’m tired of the reactionary short form stuff.

The reboot of this blog is an attempt to see if...