Logic First

The most important thing in a software system is it’s logic. What to do, when and how is the problem software solves. Unfortunately, the logic of a software system becomes less and less clear over time to the developers that work on it.

As a piece...


I’ve quietly been building out a massive amount of features for FANS.FM. The platform is already powering several large podcasts and is pushing ~10TB in downloads per month.

Much more to come soon…


My 2016 Resolutions:

Lola in NYT

In a Self-Serve World, Start-Ups Find Value in Human Helpers

Swift is for real

After 2 months of using the Swift programming language full-time I can safely say that I am a fan. It strikes the right balance between being both a dynamic and typed language.

I haven’t been this pumped about a language since Ruby. It’s been a...

Prevent UITableView From Scrolling During Updates

Sometimes when you go to update a table view cell and you’re not scrolled at the top (or bottom if you’re inverted) of your table view you’ll notice one of the follow behaviors:


I joined Blade 2 months ago and have been working away on a new travel product. This week we revealed the name of our new company and some of our ambitions to build a better travel experience.

I work at Lola now.

Podcast of the week: WTF

The best podcast of the past week was easy: Marc Maron finally got to interview Lorne Michaels in a rare extended interview.

Lorne is a bit of a mythical figure of comedy and it was fascinating to hear his thinking behind Saturday Night Live. As...


Your business doesn’t need to be “yooge” just so you can feel “yooge.”

My favorite thing to hear from a CEO is “we’re going to be N people by the end of the year” as if that alone is an accomplishment. It’s not.

Netflix doesn't have ratings

I was listening to a podcast recently interviewing director David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer) and he mentioned that Netflix never reveals its viewing data to its content creators. Only Netflix knows its ratings.

I guess if you’re Netflix ratings...