I just launched Cloudgram for iOS and Android. It's an easy way to privately share photos and videos with your friends and family.

I also released Swipe Stopper for iPhone and iPad. Sick of people looking through all of your photos when you just want to show them a few? It's an app for that.

Recently I built the Majority Report's iOS and Android app.


I'm available for short term projects. I'd prefer to work on iOS or Android apps. Hire me.


  1. Cloudgram
  2. Swipe Stopper
  3. Donate Your Account
  4. apt-s3
  5. RadRails


  1. Static features should have static solutions
  2. Soft Launch
  3. Designing Logos
  4. Update Update
  5. Make pilots, not startups
  6. Happy New Year!
  7. Swipe Stopper
  8. Cloudgram release
  9. What is Cloudgram?
  10. Finish Line
  11. Testing
  12. Summer 2013