Podcast of the week: WTF

The best podcast of the past week was easy: Marc Maron finally got to interview Lorne Michaels in a rare extended interview.

Lorne is a bit of a mythical figure of comedy and it was fascinating to hear his thinking behind Saturday Night Live. As...


Your business doesn’t need to be “yooge” just so you can feel “yooge.”

My favorite thing to hear from a CEO is “we’re going to be N people by the end of the year” as if that alone is an accomplishment. It’s not.

Netflix doesn't have ratings

I was listening to a podcast recently interviewing director David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer) and he mentioned that Netflix never reveals its viewing data to its content creators. Only Netflix knows its ratings.

I guess if you’re Netflix ratings...

Podcast of the week: improv4humans

The best podcast I listened to this week was improv4humans. The episode is an insanely impressive example of long-form/harold-esque improv. I was amazed by the high level of group-think going on, the depths they went to continually mine a single...

The New Apple TV

I was one of the lucky ones who got access to the new Apple TV hardware through the Apple Developer program back in September. I played around with the tvOS SDK and took a shallow dive into some of the sample apps. I used the Apple TV hardware here...


I’m still amazed that my most popular open source project of the past few years is this little piece of shit code lets you host an apt package repository straight out of S3.

92 forks and growing 7 years after the initial commit.

Taylor Swift on Rails

When Apple open sources the Swift programming language I am going to create a server side version of Ruby on Rails in Swift.

I will call my imitation of Rails: Taylor.

Taylor Swift on Rails.

Reconsider Unicorns

Two voices from different corners of the universe are starting to resonate at a similar frequency on the current startup environment.

Daily Routine

Open eyes.

Grab phone.

Open Twitter.

Open Facebook.

Open Instagram.

Open LinkedIn (who’s viewed my profile).

Wait 10 minutes.