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Logging out of Google

Two weeks ago I discovered Google Web History was turned on for my account. 19,000+ searches were logged and searchable by date. I never turned that on. Friends told me that it was turned on by default. How did I miss this? Why did this happen? I am a nerd. I pay attention! permalink

I deleted my Google Web History and disabled the "feature." permalink

I deleted my Google Plus account and Google profile. permalink

I am no longer logged in while I use Google search. permalink

The only reason I was logged in at all was Gmail. I no longer use Gmail in the browser. I use a desktop client for mail instead. Eventually I will migrate off of the service. permalink

I have blocked Google cookies. permalink

I don't want search to be social. I don't want any aspect of my Google use to be logged or shared. There is no value; there is only risk. permalink