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Moving my money

I have finally closed all of my personal and business accounts with Bank of America. permalink

The transition took a few months to complete comfortably. There was a web of dependencies on these accounts that had to be carefully undone. Thankfully its over. permalink

I walked into my local branch and asked to close my accounts. The teller was a nice lady who helped me quickly. For a moment I felt bad. I was ending a relationship and she had to be the one to deal with it. permalink

I had to call to close both personal and business credit cards. When asked for a reason I said "political." One agent responded with a muffled "well I can understand." The other offered to lower my credit rate by 4%. Funny how most corporations will cave when you threaten to leave. permalink

The reason I moved my money was political. To be fair to Bank of America their service over the years has been good for me. Even closing out the accounts was a fairly painless experience. permalink

Where you decide to spend and keep your money is a choice. I didn't want to support a bank that had been so involved in the financial crisis and the massive foreclosure fraud that followed. permalink

Take my moralizing with a pound of salt. I should have done this long ago. permalink