New Year

I’m excited to deploy some of the ideas I’ve been working on in 2019.

Stop is a new computer language I’ve developed that allows programmers to define systems outside the context and constraints of programming languages. I may end up writing a book this year to fully describe it.

I released a Stop Editor that has syntax highlighting and real-time validtion in addition to a real time visualization.

I am rewriting in Stop. This gave me the opportunity to create a Stop Runtime for Web that actually takes a Stop defined system and maps it to executable code. I am using as the proving ground for the language and reference example for the runtime concept. That process has already helped validate and improve the Stop language.

After the new is deployed I will be pushing and writing about Stop a lot more.

Additionally, I have been thinking an awful lot about how crucial trust will be to data products in the future. Users need to trust the companies they interface with and businesses need to realize that they need to be better custodians of their data. Users are going to demand that businesses demonstrate data competence. This is an area where I want to build solutions.

I deleted my personal Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook accounts long ago. You should too. Social media is a hazard.

Kyle Shank